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Exterior lighting plays many roles for your business. If you have parking lots and other outdoor areas where customers and employees may travel, proper lighting aids in their safety and comfort. Lighting also ensures that your store signage can be seen at any time of day and that your premises are well-lit to dissuade intruders.

•  Exterior building lighting

•  Parking lot lighting

•  LED upgrades

•  Signage lighting

•  Ground lighting

•  Troubleshooting and repairs

Our bucket truck and lift services allow us to quickly and safely address a variety of issues.

With bucket trucks and lift services at our disposal, we can adequately tackle all lighting situations, from store signage and billboards to light posts and exterior building lighting.

Specializing in:

We handle all lightning

If your current interior lighting setup isn't working for your business, allow us to offer our expertise. We specializing in repairs, installation and maintenance, as well as upgrades to more energy efficient options, such as LED lighting.

Also specializing in interior lighting services

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